DS2 masurement system with 8 analogue channels

The MBOX DS2- M7/M8 is a measurement system for analogue voltage, which can operate standalone or with other equipment, configuration provided.

The MBOX DS2-M7 (-M8) has eight seperate input channels, e.G. DS2-sensors.

On the frontside there are eight input plugs. Five (four) plugs with 3 poles, channel 1-5 (channel 1-4)
can supply DC +5V for sensors.
The sixth (fifth) – eighth plugs have 5 poles, channel 6-8 (channel 5-8), and have two sensor-powers of DC 5V and DC 12V.

The input channels 1-5 (1-4) are high-impedance or can be adjusted up to DC +5V over pullup
resistors of 2k? via the software.

The analogue data are passing a 65Hz filter and an operational amplifier until reaching the AD
converter. Then they will be computed in the processor electronic and obtained via CAN bus.

The offset calibration of the sensors is done by push button on the frontside or by software.

A special configuration software, running on PCs, is necessary to configurate the MBOX.
It is possible to choose e.g. the CAN Identifier, pullup resistor, offset calibration, or the COM-Port.


DS2M7-small1 DS2M7

  • Power IN (DC):
  • Channels:
  • Analog IN:
  • CAN:
  • USB:
  • Ambient temperature:
  • Relative air humidity:
  • PC-Software:
  • 8 ... 50V
  • 8
  • +-10V
  • bis zu 1Mbaud, standard oder extended IDs, Bustermination mit Schalter
  • 1.1 and 2.0
  • -20°C to +75°C
  • 0% to 99% (not condensed)
  • für configuration
Comes with:
MBox, Software
Power-, CAN-, USB-Cable


Dimensions (LBH):
  • 186x114x40 (mm)
Ordering information:

prices and conditions on inquiry


Bestellnummer Beschreibung
  • DS2-M7 :
  • M-Box with 8 channels (5x red and 3x yellow)
  • DS2-M8 :
  • M-Box with 8 channels (4x red and 4x yellow)

For further information please contact Gi-Electronic.
All data without guarantee, technical subject to change.

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